Beautiful Asian Garlands perfect for Wedding Day

If you are looking for a wedding garland for your special day, you are in the right place! Usually used for Asian weddings, floral garlands are an important part of the Asian culture and traditions. We can create and design the fresh flower garlands of your choice. Just give us a few weeks’ notice per email or phone and we will take care of the rest.

Mens Kalgi’s

 Wedding Kalgi’s is another exclusive product that we can design for your special day. It is used usually for the groom’s entrance at an Indian wedding. This is a tradition used for many generations.

Traditional Kalgi


This Kalgi is made with red roses, white chrysanthemums, aspidistra leaves and foil for the handle. Please note you do not have to use the foil and have ribbon instead of your colour choice.


Price £35

Spring Kalgi


The Spring Kalgi is made of Tulip and aspidistra leaves with the ribbon colour of your choice.


Price £35