Probably every one of us has some faux flowers resting somewhere in their closet or under the bed, that look so 80’s that we don’t even want to look at them anymore. Many of us also don’t think at all of the artificial flowers, when talking about flower decoration. Well, we have some news for you – believe it or not, faux flowers are coming back and they look better and more realistic than ever.

Reasons why to look at the artificial flower arrangements available on the market

Carefully chosen high-quality plastics, hand-painted leaves, and extremely delicate fabrics and foams are only a part of the materials that most artificial flower designers work with these days in order to make the best artificial flowers possible. Of course, in the end, some fake plants look more realistic than others. However, it is always worth it to take a look at the artificial flower arrangements available on the market and here are some reasons why:

  • Easy preservation

Yes, there are plenty of stores these days where you can find great real flowers. They look nice and they aren’t even too expensive. But when it comes to decoration, every one of us wants t keep their flowers alive as long as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy job. The extreme heat or cold can ruin your decoration in just a few hours, making it look faded. Even with the right care and temperature, some plants die more quickly than the others. On the other side when you choose faux flowers, you don’t have to face such problems. In fact, artificial flower arrangements allow you to combine different types of flowers that don’t even bloom at the same time of the year or grow in the same places.

  • More freedom, fewer nerves

We all know how stressful planning an event could be. That’s why it is always good to arrange the main parts of the organization as early as possible. When it comes to artificial plants, you can get your decoration prepared even months before an event, letting any kind of worries fade away.

Well, all those thoughts may sound awesome already, but we at Flower Busy always insist to provide only high-quality products and services to our clients. That’s why one of the most important things for us was always to learn how to make the best artificial flowers that look just like real ones. So, let’s take a look at them:

  • Roses

We just love to experiment with roses. There are tons of colors and combinations that can be used for a bouquet. Looking just like real, they are extremely beautiful in both small and bigger decorations. Roses are probably one of the most liked faux flowers in the real and artificial flower industry. So if you want to stake on something classy and beautiful, roses are probably the best choice for you.

  • Ball Mum flowers

Perfect for home decor or even bridesmaids bouquets, Ball Mum Flowers is one of our favorites. Those eye-catching artificial plants will not remain unnoticed in your home. Made from floral foam and fabrics, our flowers are easy to maintain. Our artificial flower arrangements don’t require any special care, so you can leave them just as decoration on your table.

  • Gerbera

This is probably one of the sunniest and girly flowers that can be found on the market. Although it is perfect for home decoration, gerbera is often used also for flower wands. When created by a professional, those fake plants might look just like real ones. As a bouquet or just as a single flower, gerbera flowers are for those customers, who want to bring some good mood and coziness in their home.